O  R  I  G  I  N


The proposal calls for a pause to return on a sensory mode to the origin of all things, the act of breathing.

It is presented in a highly connected way to that vital principle as an immersion experience and reflection from that point of origin, confirming a specific thought process in regards to sustainability in each gesture of our lives.

The gigantic cycles of nature and the physical spheres  such as the cryosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere shape climate and guide life.



Three photographs in light boxes will be installed on the walls.

These images are Portraits of Nature that reflect the importance of time, the body as the voice of conscience and climate change as an urgent factor for our planet.


Six small format videos unify the installation, providing us with a double reading and giving us the feeling of a voyage as a state of transition. 


In the transit area of the stairs, a TV LED screen will be installed that will act as a "viewpoint". A video that will bring the subject together will be shown.

This video proposal will have a macro route with a contemplative journey within the same photographs. For example, a macro view of the stunning water in a different manner caused by the immersion in the details of its fluidity.

I stop for just an instant to observe with my heart.

The millenary ice tell us the story of our planet, keeping a registry of the cycles in each molecule of the frozen water.

The breathing of our live planet through the volcanos is another step that will be shown, being an important part of the cycles.

The vast desert that allows for rapid waves of dry winds.


Sound Design


The sound will accompany the images of the small format of the videos in a restrained and sutil manner. The audio will only be heard at a short distance, therefore it will not interrupt the daily functioning of the work space and offices.

The option of disconnecting the audio completing will also be available without interfering in the concept of the ORIGIN proposal.


The water sounding effects are incessant in its movement, the painful crumbling of the ice and polar winds, the desert with its quiet silence telling its history.


Dear Maddy and Kris, thank you for the opportunity of presenting these new ideas.

Below please find some stills and also the video design.  

"Because all biological processes need cycles, these processes are paired: Breathing is the paired reaction to photosynthesis. Photosynthesis uses water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and “sugars” (organic material), and when we breathe we use this “sugar” and oxygen and transform this back to water and carbon dioxide. But it is the dynamic nature of our planet, with its moving plates, colliding continents, subsidence of ocean plates, growth of mountains and volcanoes that ultimately allows this cycle to close, and hence life to exists. As one of the principles of climate sciences states: Life on earth depends on, is shaped by and affects climate."  

                                                                                                                                        Maisa Rojas Corradi


Points of View 


The installation has been designed for this specific transit place and therefore 

enables us to experiment and feel from all places within the space. 

Breaking Ice

"This sequence of falling ice reminds us of the constant transformations taking place on our planet. Matter is neither created nor destroyed but transformed.

Life evolved on earth about 3,800 million years ago because Earth is at the right distance from the sun, it has liquid water and it allows cycles." 

                                                                                                                                       Maisa Rojas Corradi